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Content Marketing Strategy & Comprehensive Reporting

Simply put, having an experienced content marketing strategist positions your firm to better reach your target audience and improve your business.

Effective content marketing takes time and effort, and most importantly, a plan that’s carefully executed. A dedicated marketing strategist and a comprehensive digital content review are essential to help guide and improve your online brand, exposure, and overall impact.

Through traffic analysis, an SEO audit, and social media analysis, we identify and define content goals, such as increased leads, cases, traffic and referrals, and improved SEO. But we don’t stop there. We create a draft editorial calendar, provide important blogging instruction, and monthly calls with your strategist to ensure you’re equipped and successful in carrying out your content marketing plan.

Starting at $300/month (Receive 10% off by paying annually)


Writing & Content Coordination Services

Our writing services take the pressure and time commitment off you. Sleep well at night knowing that our experienced copywriters, editors, and content coordinators have you covered, no matter what you need.

Whether you need blog posts, web site content, or writing for any other project, our writing services team is here to get it done.

In addition to this comprehensive writing package, we regularly review and adjust goals to ensure your online content has the highest impact. You’ll receive monthly check-ins with your dedicated marketing coordinator, ongoing content marketing tips and guidance, and a monthly editorial calendar.

Altogether, we’ll make sure your online brand and reach is as effective as possible and does what it should. Just leave it to us.

Starting at $850/month (Receive 10% off by paying annually)


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Become an Affiliate

As a Legal Examiner Affiliate, your firm instantly improves its on-line visibility and credibility by leveraging the Legal Examiner’s authority within the legal news space.

Online content has become increasingly important and will only continue to do so. Social platforms, websites and blogs are tools that, when planned and properly leveraged, provide invaluable opportunities to improve many areas of business. When done correctly, these online channels build credibility, increase exposure and reach goals.

But no matter how much time you spend creating informative, quality, online content, there is very little benefit if potential clients aren’t stopping by to read it. Legal Examiner Affiliates benefit from the traffic and authority of The Legal Examiner increasing the effectiveness of your firm’s online content marketing strategy. 

$1000/month (Receive 10% off by paying annually)


Reach Thousands Of Visitors

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